Enabling Trust Through Technology

We provide state of the art visual identity and access management technologies with facial recognition, fraud detection, and optical character recognition capabilities, as well as extensive customizations and managed services.

Verify Identity in just few Seconds

Our platform enables AI powered document scanning which detects, extracts and processes data from documents.

High-quality facial recognition algorithms support any instant identification use cases for identity verification, attendance management, access control, Multi-factor authentication and surveillance.

Our fraud detection capabilities can identify multiple types of fraudulent activities, from low resolution to high resolution fakes in real time with 99.998% accuracy.

Our facial recognition algorithm is enhanced with occlusion detection capabilities that can be customized to detect and to accept or reject a particular type of occlusion such as mask, caps etc.


Gartner & Jukshio

Joint Publication

IAM platform as a product and how industries can leverage it

Verification engine tailored to your business

Mix and match our tools to build a platform that suits your
workflow best. Customize everything from document
checks to look and feel. All with a seamless integration process.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide the most efficient identity and face verification solutions so businesses can deliver a better customer experience, quicker and at an affordable cost. Not only can we implement a great identity and access management system for you, we also provide concierge managed services to support you consistently, that enables you to prevent innovative attacks, catch changes in user behavior and address evolving business requirements with our ability to amplify or Mute AI/ML feedback instantly.

Benefits to your business

Secure verification & smooth onboarding!

We take pride in offering a seamless and reliable identity verification solution.




What our customers say

"We've evaluated eight different authorizations solutions over 2.5 years, and none improved the time-to-sign in like Jukshio. The team is amazing to work with - they prioritized helping us with our pain points with their continuous support to take in real-time customization requests, integrate it and deploy it. Jukshio relieved all of our worries about onboarding and the approvals process."

Project Head

Swift & reliable Identity verification is now possible with our enterprise-ready platforms that have evaluated over 2 billion transactions globally.