Jukshio is a family in more ways than one, it is a place where the culture is anchored in shared beliefs and ideals, acting for the common good. As an organization, Jukshio believes in building an environment where everyone is enabled to pursue their dream and passion.

Our Purpose

We strive to create a workplace where co-creation and collaboration are embedded in the walls and in which the values of professionalism, respect, perseverance, and integrity are embodied in everything we do.

Inclusion & Diversity

We are a tech company! and we appreciate diversity not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is an important component of the world that we’ve envisioned.


A platform first thinking team that enjoys creating fabulous pieces of technology! We are looking for self-driven leaders who can drive their inspiration through Jukshio. If you can take our status-quo to the next level, drop us an email here: